High Performance Computers invoices: it’s R!

SCITAS is using R to generate reports and invoices.

This talk presents the how and the why.

Duration of the presentation: 20 minutes


Link to the presentation

GitHub repository

Link to the GitHub repository

How to compile the presentation:

On your local machine

Install RStudio and all the necessary R packages:

Once in RStudio, you can choose the file presentation.Rmd and click on Knit. You may need to allow popups to see the final presentation in your browser.

On mybinder.org

Binder Launch with RStudio

Running with node.js (local only)

Run the following commands

npm install
npm start

Open your browser and go to http://localhost:8000/presentation.html. For a ready to print version, go to http://localhost:8000/presentation.html?print-pdf.